Prospective clients often present us with questions such as these  –

Obviously a garage provides maximum protection for a vehicle – what advantages does a carport have over a garage?
It has several advantages. The foremost is economic, as it is obviously more cost-effective to install a carport than to construct an actual building or addition. As well as this, local ordinances and building codes, and also the regulations operating within townhouse complexes and office parks, may make acquiring permission to build a garage extremely difficult. A further advantage is that the simplicity of a carport’s structure means that it is fairly easy to move it to another location on the property, or remove it altogether, if circumstances change.

Carports look flimsy – how sturdy and reliable are the posts that support them?
Carports are actually not flimsy at all, but extremely sturdy and durable, built to withstand all weather conditions including strong winds. The supporting columns of the carport are usually concreted into the ground, or where this is not feasible they are expansion bolted or chemically anchored to the surface, depending on requirements, resulting in a structure that will give you years of hard-wearing and reliable shelter for your vehicles.

I run a play-school from my home, which gives me only a small indoor area, and a very limited budget – friends suggested erecting a carport-type structure adjacent to the house for additional space – would this be feasible?
It is a wonderful idea. It is a very cost-effective solution, which would be better suited to your budget than any building construction. The shaded area provided could be used by your children as a dining area, keeping mess out of your house, as a shady place to play in on very hot days, and a sheltered one in rainy weather, and it would be an ideal location for arts and crafts and painting projects and “messy play”.

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