Shade Net Carports Johannesburg

Shade Net Carports Johannesburg are a carport construction company with many years of experience. One of our major areas of expertise is the installation of shadeports, particularly in areas where businesses or institutions require sheltered parking for multiple vehicles on a daily basis.

Shade Net Carports Johannesburg  have many advantages over conventional carports in these situations, not least the obvious economic benefits to your business budget. It is more cost-effective to use shade netting than steel or aluminium canopies when accommodating large numbers of vehicles, and shadeports are still able to provide a high level of protection for cars.

Shadeports have the same sturdy posts as carports, usually concreted into the ground for maximum durability. The canopies consist of lightweight netting made from high-density polyethylene, fixed to a tubular steel framework with galvanised high-tension steel cable. This netting is lock-stitched to produce a robust texture and is available in a wide choice of colours to suit the appearance and design of your property.

Polyethylene shade netting is treated with UV inhibitors to make it resistant to UV degradation caused by exposure to sun, and it also provides protection against hail, but if extreme weather does damage the netting it can be quickly and easily replaced, without affecting the existing framework of the shadeport.

If you are dealing with a situation in which many vehicles require sheltered parking, shade-ports are a practical and cost-effective option that you really should consider. Call Shade Net Carports Johannesburg  today for more information.