Satisfied clients often send us stories of their successful carport installations  –

My house has a long narrow driveway, and the garage was converted into a home office. When I bought a new car I was concerned about it standing outside, exposed to hail and wind damage during our frequent thunderstorms – I was also advised that a sheltering structure was needed for insurance purposes. When I called MANSFIELD CARPORTS they were able to suggest the positioning of a carport so as to keep the driveway area clear and make the optimum use of the available space. The sturdy and durable structure that they erected will certainly provide the shelter I require, and it looks neat and unobtrusive in my driveway. Their service was excellent.

I would not have thought of consulting a carport company to create a covered patio area, but my neighbour recommended MANSFIELD CARPORTS to me and it proved to be a perfect solution – simple and economical to construct, and with an absolute minimum of disruption to the garden. I now have a durable and versatile shaded area adjacent to my living-room, perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining, barbecues and family gatherings. My dogs can shelter under it in hot weather, and my children can use it for all sorts of outdoor play when it is raining. I have enjoyed indulging my creative side, and with hanging plant baskets and interesting lighting I have transformed it into a really beautiful addition to my home, cost-effective and convenient.

I breed cockatiels, budgies and parakeets, and I had to have a large aviary constructed in my garden. The experts who did the fencing brought in MANSFIELD CARPORTS with whom they have a long-standing working relationship. They erected a structure that was sturdy and durable, with uprights cemented into the ground for complete reliability, and a steel roof that will provide all the shelter that the birds need from sun and rain, but with open sides to accommodate wire netting, providing excellent ventilation. It is the perfect environment for my precious birds, large enough for them to fly freely within it and for me to gain access to it for cleaning purposes. They are thriving and happy, and I am delighted.

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